Tableau Introduction

Imagine transforming your data into captivating visuals that tell a clear and compelling story. That’s the power of Tableau, a powerful data visualization tool that empowers anyone, from beginners to seasoned analysts, to see the hidden patterns and insights within their data.

What exactly is Tableau?

Tableau is a software platform that allows you to connect to various data sources, explore and analyze your data, and create stunning visual representations like charts, graphs, and dashboards. Think of it as your personal translator, taking complex numbers and statistics and turning them into easy-to-understand stories that anyone can grasp.

What can you actually learn in Tableau?


Connecting to data: Learn how to connect Tableau to various data sources, like spreadsheets, databases, and cloud platforms.

Creating basic charts and graphs: Master the art of crafting different chart types, from bar charts and pie charts to scatter plots and heatmaps, to effectively represent your data.

Building dashboards: Design interactive dashboards that combine multiple charts and visualizations to tell a comprehensive story about your data.

Advanced chart types: Explore more sophisticated chart types like Area Chart, treemaps, and geospatial maps to gain deeper insights into your data.

Data blending and joins: Combine data from multiple sources to gain a holistic view of your data and uncover hidden relationships.

Storytelling with data: Master the art of using visuals and data to tell a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

Getting Started with Tableau Ecosystem.

1.1 Introduction to Tableau.
1.2 Comparision between tableau and other Data Anaylsis Tool and Connecting to Data Sources.

Choosing the Right Chart in Tableau with Tableau Functionality.

2.1 Bar plot
2.2 line char and custom filter
2.3 Area chart
2.4 How to create Hierarchies and Map plot.
2.5 Pie chart with Calculate Table
2.6 Tree Map and Grouping
2.7 Scatter plot
2.8 String Function

Dashboarding and Storytelling with Tableau.

3.1 Super Store Analysis
3.2 Netflix Analysis

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